Maker Space Membership

The Maker Space has four workshops: the Design Lab, the Fiber Arts Workshop, the Jewelry Workshop, and the Wood Workshop.

Members may pay a monthly membership fee for daily access to one or all of the workshops.

Learn about the four workshops here.

All members are required to attend the necessary training courses before working in the shops unsupervised.

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Maker Space Membership benefits:

  • Use of the equipment and tools within a given workshop

  • Maker Space staff support for training and troubleshooting

  • Access to free materials

  • Bulk ordering of materials through The Foundry

  • Discounted tickets to Foundry events and programming

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Membership Tiers

Sliding scale pricing is available for eligible members.

Single Workshop Memberships

Grant daily access to one workshop for one member.


Multi-Workshop Memberships

Grant daily access to all four workshops for one member.


Organizational Workshop Memberships

Grant daily access to all four workshops for up to 10 members.

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About Sliding Scale Pricing

We are committed to making The Foundry a financially accessible community space.

Reservation and membership prices are available at a discounted rate, down to free, based on self-reported organization annual revenue or personal income brackets.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Are there times members would not have access to the maker spaces?

Access may be restricted under the following circumstances:

  • During reserved programming times or training courses in a given workshop.
  • If the entire Foundry is closed for a private event.
  • If there are ever safety concerns related to a particular workshop or piece of equipment.

How does the membership application work? How are people chosen?

Members are chosen on a first come first served basis. If memberships fill up, applicants will be placed on a waitlist.


Have questions about membership? Send us your question via our contact form and our Maker Space Manager will get back to you.

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