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If you’re interested in helping provide inclusive, hands-on community experiences in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics, you’ve found the right place!

Volunteering, donations, and sponsorship help us provide our programs and events and allow as much free or reduced cost access to The Foundry’s offerings as possible. Your time, skill, and financial contributions are a foundational part of building and sustaining the Foundry community.

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The heart of The Foundry is its community, and volunteers are an essential part of The Foundry’s growth. Show your support by bringing your interests and skills to our community!

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Your donations go directly to providing free and reduced cost experiences at The Foundry. Support us today and see what accessibility can bring for our tomorrow!

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Become a Member

Are you interested in having open access to our Maker Spaces or are you looking to rent studio space in our Art Studio? If so, become a member and start creating at The Foundry!

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