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Your event here is more than just a gathering; it's an opportunity to make a positive impact in Cambridge. By choosing The Foundry as your venue, you play a crucial role in making our space accessible and affordable for our community, supporting creative expression through various avenues. Whether it's a conference, art fair, expo, or wedding, we're thrilled to welcome your event and help you tailor our new spaces to your needs.

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Reservation Types

Full Building Rentals

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Private Rentals
These may include fundraisers, retreats, or galas for a corporation or non-profit organization, as well as weddings, quinceaneras, or other invitation-only events.
$8,000 for 6hr day | $1,000/additional hr
Public Rentals
These include events that are open to the public, whether paid or free. This could include events such as a theater or film festival, a renaissance faire, or other events that are open to the public.
$6,000 for 6hr day | $500/additional hr

Small Event Rentals

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Private Event Rentals
This includes use of one or two of our community spaces on the first floor, i.e: our four maker spaces, multi-purpose rooms, dance studio, performance space. Furniture included in each room is listed on our website. Events may include fundraisers, retreats, or galas for a corporation or non-profit organization, as well as birthday parties, potlucks, or other invitation-only events. Please be aware that, because the foundry is a community organization, we will permit a limited number of private events throughout the year.
$300/hr | $600/hr after closing

“Thank you so much for the support, guidance, and collaboration you provided to our office for Bollywood Night. The Foundry team was an integral part of making Bollywood Night so special and successful.”

Mayor’s Office, City of Cambridge

“Everyone really enjoyed the space and thought it fit our needs perfectly. It is a unanimous decision that we’d like to host our Staff Scientist Retreat at The Foundry again next year.”

Broad Institute

“Thank you all for helping us make Scratch Day ‘23 a HUGE success. Absolutely HUGE!”

Scratch Foundation

"Thank you to the wonderful team at The Foundry for all of your help during GuitarFest 2023. The entire event was a marvelous success, and we loved being there and using your marvelous facilities!”

Eliot Fisk Guitar Academy

Event Spaces

Choose any of the rooms below or opt for the full building rental to craft your ideal event experience.

STEAM Set | Performance Space

For lectures, presentations, seated meals, & performances

2067 sq ft | 150 standing capacity | 115 seated capacity

Equipped with speakers, mics, and a projector, the Performance Space can host large crows of all functions. The dark curtains and electric shades create a black-box environment and ensure complete privacy.

Community Hall

For maker markets, vendor fairs, art expos etc.

4256 sq ft | 300 standing capacity | 175 seated capacity

The Community Hall is the heart of the Foundry building, a stunning three-story atrium topped with original 19th-century wooden beams and dual skylights.

Shop 6 | Red Multi

A comfortable, versatile space for medium to large groups

1335 sq ft | 100 standing capacity | 50 seated capacity

Surrounded by brick and wood, the spacious Red Multi is equipped with a whiteboard and projector for multimedia use and window shades for a additional privacy.

The Yard

An intimate space for guests to enjoy the fresh air

4485 sq ft | 175 standing capacity | 50 seated capacity

A contained outdoor space offering convenient access to the building, a paved floor, and inviting wooden benches, an ideal spot for socializing and mingling.


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Food Lab

Shop 2: Demonstration Kitchen

Cooking/baking demonstrations, cottage food preparation, nutrition courses, recipe testing, potlucks


 person capacity, 


 sq ft

White Multi Room

Shop 3

Meetings, conference calls, brainstorming sessions


 person capacity, 


 sq ft

Yellow Multi Room

Shop 4

Meetings, brainstorming sessions, onboardings, tutoring, language classes, book clubs, study groups


 person capacity, 


 sq ft

Black Multi Room

Shop 5

Meetings, conference calls, brainstorming sessions


 person capacity, 


 sq ft

Design Lab

Shop 7

Prototyping, building, hackathons, class demonstrations


 person capacity, 


 sq ft

Fiber Arts Workshop

Shop 8

Clothing mending, embroidery, costume design, fashion design


 person capacity, 


 sq ft

Jewelry Workshop

Shop 9

Jewelry making, electronics repair, metalwork


 person capacity, 


 sq ft

Wood Workshop

Shop 10

Set building, woodworking classes, furniture making, sculpture


 person capacity, 


 sq ft

Dance Studio

Shop 11

Dance rehearsals, yoga classes, fitness courses


 person capacity, 


 sq ft

The Point

Conference Room & Gallery

Gallery shows, board meetings, brainstorming sessions


 person capacity, 


 sq ft

Frequently Asked Questions


What A/V equipment can The Foundry provide?

The Foundry has a variety of stationary and mobile A/V equipment. For a complete list of what is available, see our equipment document here.


How will payment for my event work?

A non-refundable deposit is due at the time of booking to secure the desired dates. If a deposit is not received after 5 business days of receipt of the signed contract, the dates will be released and the contract voided. The remaining balance will be invoiced in advance of the start of the rental agreement, and must be paid upon the first date of the rental agreement, unless an alternate arrangement is agreed upon. After a 1-week grace period, a 5% late fee (non-accruing) will be charged for each business day payment is overdue.


Can I bring food to The Foundry?

Yes, you can bring food to The Foundry and eat in any of the rooms except the maker spaces. If you are looking to bring in catering for an event, we do not have any restrictions on who you work with.


Can I have alcohol at an event?

Yes, but renters need to apply for a one day alcohol permit from the City of Cambridge and the event must use an insured licensed caterer or have the person pouring alcohol be TIPS certified by the time of the event.


Are there on-site cleaners? Are there cleaning fees?

We expect users to clean up after themselves to maintain a clean environment. However, for those who prefer additional cleaning support or a hands-off approach, we offer on-site cleaning services for an extra charge. These services are billed per hour according to the number of cleaners needed.


How late can I rent space? Are there time restrictions on full building rentals?

In accordance with our Entertainment License, events can run until 11 pm. Any events running past our usual operating hours will be subject to an After Hours event fee.


What is The Foundry’s event rental cancellation/refund policy?

Deposit is non-refundable in the event of cancellation. The Foundry must be given two weeks’ notice for either cancellation or rescheduling. Should less than two weeks’ notice be given, payment will still be due and any payments made will not be refunded. If the event needs to be rescheduled rather than canceled, and a future date is found, The Foundry will apply payments to the future event. Please note that we cannot guarantee availability.


When will I know if my event reservation is approved?

Your rental is finalized once we receive a signed contract and event deposit.


How do I get there using public transit?

The building is 0.4 miles away from the Kendall MIT stop where you can catch the red line and 64, 68, 85, CT2, 64, 68, and 85 buses. The building is 0.5 miles away from the Lechmere stop where you can catch the green line and 69, 80, 87, and 88 buses. You can find walking directions to The Foundry here.


What is the parking situation like?

We don't have designated parking, so your best bet would be finding public parking on the neighboring streets (Third St, Rogers St, Fifth Street). There are also a number of parking garages in the area if you need a longer term solution. We have a loading area if you need to pick up or drop off large objects, but you'll need to find parking after dropping off. See parking options here.


Where can I view your harassment policy?

You can view our harassment policy here.


Where can I view your community guidelines?

You can view our community guidelines here.


Where can I view your space reservation guidelines?

You can view our space reservation guidelines here.


How does the Sliding Scale Policy work?

Our reservation and membership prices are available at discounted rates based on organization operating budgets or personal income brackets.

See our Sliding Scale Policy here.


Have questions about reserving rooms? Send us your question via our contact form and our Program Coordinator will get back to you.

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