About Sliding Scale Pricing

We are committed to making The Foundry a financially accessible community space. 

Reservation and membership prices are available at a discounted rate, based on self-reported organization annual revenue or personal income brackets. Commercial entities are not eligible for sliding scale.

To request sliding scale pricing, be sure to answer the sliding scale question on whichever form or request page you are completing.

Who qualifies for sliding scale?


Nonprofits, small businesses, and non-commercial community organizations. This can apply to community organizations that are not official 501c3s. To determine which sliding scale bracket your organization fits into, please consider your total annual revenue including any grant awards.


Individual community members who are not using the space on behalf of a larger organization or company. This can be one individual or a group of individuals who are planning an event together. This is a self-select process and requires no documentation.


Frequently Asked Questions


How can I get The Foundry to promote my public event?

When you reserve a room, we will send you a link to a form that asks for a list of details about your event. This information will then allow us to publicize your event on our events page, social media, and weekly events e-newsletter.

Please note: If you do not submit your event by 10 am the Friday before your event, your event will not be included in next week's e-newsletter and social post since both are publicized on Friday afternoons. It will still be included on our website.


How does The Foundry decide what programs happen in the building?

Any programs that meet our community guidelines and make positive use of the space are welcome at The Foundry! For more information about how we prioritize programming when there are several competing requests view our Program Rubric here.


Where can I view your space reservation guidelines?

You can view our space reservation guidelines here.


Does the Foundry have COVID-19 Policies?

All Foundry employees will be required to be vaccinated against the Covid-19 virus. Mask use is encouraged within the indoor spaces of The Foundry to help protect our most vulnerable community members. Mask use will be encouraged for all visitors to the Foundry building, and masks will be on hand for those who need one. In the event of a surge in cases for Covid-19 or any other public health crisis disease, The Foundry will comply with and follow local City of Cambridge guidelines and regulations.


How does the Sliding Scale Policy work?

Our reservation and membership prices are available at discounted rates based on organization operating budgets or personal income brackets.

See our Sliding Scale Policy here.


Where can I view your community guidelines?

You can view our community guidelines here.


Where can I view your harassment policy?

You can view our harassment policy here.


Have questions about reserving rooms? Contact our Program Coordinator, Logan Lopez.

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Logan Lopez


Program Coordinator